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Our payroll service helps lift the compliance burden.

We aim to provide an efficient and confidential service which can be easily modified to a client's individual requirements.  Security payslips are optional.

Initial Set-up

For setting up the payroll and, if required, registering the new payroll scheme with HMRC there is an initial fee of £75 plus VAT


When monthly pay is variable each individual’s gross pay should be emailed to us by the 18th day of the month on an individually tailored spreadsheet which we will provide to you. Payslips will be emailed (with password protection) to individual employees or dispatched by post to arrive before pay day.  If salaries are to be paid by CreDec then please confirm approval before the deadline.

Monthly operation of the payroll costs £28 plus VAT per month for five or fewer employees without Auto Enrolment or £39 plus VAT with Auto Enrolment.  For six employees, our standard charge is £45 plus VAT per month, plus an additional £6 plus VAT per month for each additional employee in excess of six. This includes Auto Enrolment processing.

Monthly payments of salary and PAYE/NI by CreDec costs £1 plus VAT per employee per process.

Real Time Information (RTI) Submissions

As part of our monthly payroll services we will also submit the FPS (Full Payment Submission) and where appropriate the EPS (Employer Payment Summary) when they become due. 

Auto Enrolment

We can help set up an Auto Enrolment scheme with your chosen provider and deal with all initial documentation for a cost of £500 plus VAT for a scheme of less than 10 employees and £1,000 plus VAT for a scheme of 10 or more employees.

Pecuniary Liabilities

When there are pecuniary liabilities to be included in the payroll we must receive a note of the amounts prior to the processing deadline.

Statutory Payments (SSP, SMP, SAP, SPL)

Statutory payments will be operated in accordance with the statutory requirements and employer’s policy without any additional charge.

PAYE/NI Payments due to HM Revenue & Customs

Details of the monthly/quarterly payment due to HMRC will be forwarded to you before the due date.  The preferred payment method by HMRC is by Bank Transfer, therefore, unless you specifically request a payslip to send to HMRC with a cheque we will provide you with details of the amount you need to pay, the bank details where the payment should be made and the reference number to quote.

Employees who Leave

We prepare the form P45 then forward the relevant parts to you to pass to your employee without any additional charge.

New Employees

We provide New Employee Record Sheets to record essential payroll details which should be emailed to us before the payroll is due to be processed. The original form P45 should be sent  to us upon receipt, we will then submit the necessary information online to HM Revenue and Customs .  If no form P45 is provided, the New Employee Record Sheet which we will provide to you in PDF format will have a weblink to our website where you will find a New Starter form; this document is interactive and therefore will need to be completed on screen and then sent to us electronically.  All details will then be submitted to HMRC electronically. All new employees must be considered for Auto Enrolment after the staging date.
There will be an additional charge of £35 plus VAT for setting up each new employee, including dealing with auto enrolment.

Attachment of Earnings Orders

This will be administered on your behalf and you will be advised of the monthly deductions and payment due by the employer.  A standard covering letter will also be provided.  There is an initial charge per order of £30 plus VAT and a monthly charge of £15 plus VAT.

Holiday Pay

Our normal service does not include maintaining your personnel records or calculating holiday pay.  We will extend our service to your requirements upon request and the additional costs will be charged on an hourly basis unless otherwise agreed.

End of Year Forms

With the introduction of RTI you are required to complete an end of year declaration and any employees in your employment at the end of the tax year must be issued with a form P60.  Our fee for dealing with the end of year declaration and providing employee forms P60 in PDF or security form will depend on the number of employees.

Forms P9D, P11D & P11D(b)

The completion of forms P9D, P11D and P11D(b) will be charged at a standard rate of £95 plus VAT per form unless otherwise advised.

We would also be pleased to advise on the following issues:  National Minimum Wage - Dismissal procedures - Recruitment procedures - Working Time Regulation and Contracts of Employment.

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