Tax e-News December 2019

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Election Tax Proposals – More Money For NHS?
Boris Johnson To Delay 17% Rate Of Corporation Tax
More Money For Social Care?
Christmas Gifts Of Up To £50 To Employees
Gifts To Charity
Get On Your Bike! Using The Cycle To Work Scheme
Salary Sacrifices
Diary Of Main Tax Events December 2019/January 2020

Tax e-News February 2019

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No deal brexit – what about VAT?
Welcome CGT entrepreneurs’ relief change for shareholders
Corporation tax relief back for acquired goodwill
Termination payment changes delayed to 2020
Don’t be late in paying your personal tax bill
Diary of main tax events February/March 2019

Tax e-News November 2018

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More Money For NHS And An End To Austerity?
Personal Allowance And Higher Rate Limit Increased Early
No Changes In Tax Rates
IR35 “Off-Payroll” Rules To Be Extended To Private Sector
Capital Gains Entrepreneurs’ Relief Changes
Company Tax To Reduce to 17%
Annual Investment Allowance Increased To £1m
New Capital Allowance For Commercial Buildings
R&D Tax Credit Restricted
VAT Registration Limit Continues To Be Frozen
More Rates Relief For Small Business
Diary of Main Tax Events for December

Tax e-News September 2017

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New Company Loss Rules To Go Ahead
Is Your Company Carrying Out Research And Development?
Reporting VAT Online – Aren’t We Doing That Already?
Reporting Expenses And Benefits Provided To Employees
Trivial Benefits
Changing Your Company Car? What About A Hybrid Next?
Diary Of Main Tax Events September/October 2017