Personal Tax – Year End Tax Planning 2020/21

With the end of the 2020/21 tax year fast approaching, it is now the time to consider some opportunities for saving tax with some careful end of year tax planning. This guide will provide tax saving tips, but not all of these will be relevant to your particular circumstances. As always we are here to […]

Pension contributions and the Annual Allowance Excess Charge

As we approach the end of the 2020/21 tax year, you should review your pension contributions made since 6 April 2020 and consider whether or not you should make a further one-off pension contribution before 5 April 2021 to save tax and to utilise any carried-forward relief from 2017/18 which will be lost if not […]

Tax e-News March 2020

In our newsletter for March 2020:

Yet Another Chancellor – Big Changes In The Budget?
Inheritance Tax In The Spotlight
Further Changes To Entrepreneurs’ Relief
Year End CGT Planning
Pension Planning Before The End Of The Tax Year
Will Pension Tax Relief Change In The Budget
Have You Used Your 2019/20 ISA Allowance
Don’t Lose Your Personal Allowance
Consider Other Tax Efficient Investments
Buy New Equipment Before 6 April?
Diary Of Main Tax Events March/April 2020

Tax e-News February 2020

In our newsletter for February 2020:

Budget Day Is Now 11 March
Review Of Off Payroll Working Rules
Changes to Disguised Remuneration Loan Charge
Possible U-Turn On Pensions For High Earners?
Changes To Paying CGT On Residential Property From 6 April
Another Reason To Sell Property Before 6 April 2020
Will Inheritance Tax Be Simplified?
Don’t Be Late In Paying Your Personal Tax Bill
Diary Of Main Tax Events February/March 2020

Tax e-News September 2019

In our newsletter for September 2019:

Government U-Turn On Pension Tax For Doctors And Others?
No VAT Penalty If You Missed The First Quarterly MTD Deadline
Company Officers Jointly And Severally Liable For VAT Penalty
When Is A VAN Not A Van?
Certain Vans Are Exempt From Income Tax
Income Tax Definition of ‘Goods Vehicle’
Capital Allowances Definition of ‘Motor Car’
VAT Defintion Of ‘Motor Car’
Diary Of Main Tax Events September/October 2019

Tax e-News July 2019

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A Staff Summer Party Can Be A Tax-Free Benefit
Make School Holidays Easier With Tax-Free Childcare
Using a PAYE Settlement Agreement To Pay Some Of Your Employee’s Tax
But Not Travel Costs For Non-Executive Directors In The Public Sector
More Complicated Pension Rules
New VAT Rules For The Construction Sector
Advisory Fuel Rate For Company Cars
Diary Of Main Tax Events July/August 2019

Tax e-News June 2019

In our newsletter for June 2019:

Doctors lobbying for pension tax changes
Request that the pension charge is paid by your fund by 31 July
High Income Child Benefit Charge and State Pension
Some cars only qualify for 6% tax relief now
P11D forms due soon
Reporting the issue of shares or options to staff
Diary of main tax events June/July 2019

Personal Tax – Year End Tax Planning 2018/19

The end of the 2018/19 tax year is just a few weeks away, so now is the time to consider some opportunities for saving tax. Please take a few moments to consider the following tips that may help you to SAVE TAX in this current year and in future tax years.

Tax e-News March 2019

In our newsletter for March 2019:

Don’t lose your personal allowance
Year end pension planning
Have you used your 2018/19 ISA allowance?
Consider other tax efficient investments
Year end capital tax planning
New workplace pension limits from 6 April 2019
Buy new equipment before 6 April?
Simplified import procedures in the end of the ‘no deal’
Diary of main tax events for March/April 2019

Tax e-News January 2019

In our newsletter for January 2019:

New year resolutions to save tax
Pension planning
Increased capital allowances start 1 January 2019
New capital allowance for commercial buildings
Capital allowance on high CO2 cars and assets in special rate pool reduced to 6%
Advisory fuel rate for company cars
Passing on the family home
Diary of main tax events January/February 2019