Refinancing A Rental Property

If you are a landlord and your mortgage deal is coming to an end this year, or you think that you may wish to refinance a rental property for some other reason, it is likely that the mortgage lender will need you to provide them with details of your 2019/20 income to support your mortgage application. Usually, they will ask you to provide an “SA302”, which is a summary of the information you have submitted to HM Revenue & Customs on your Tax Return for the year.

If we prepare your annual rental accounts and Tax Return, please plan ahead now and allow us the time needed to ensure that your rental accounts and Tax Return are prepared in good time for your mortgage application. Can you please allow us at least 90 days to obtain your SA302 for you from the date you provide your rental bookkeeping and Tax Return information to us. This should give us sufficient time to prepare your rental accounts for your approval and enabling us to then prepare your Tax Return for approval and submission to HM Revenue & Customs. If you should wish to discuss your rental bookkeeping, then please contact Leonie Page.