Your Will and estate planning – have you put everything in place and is it up to date?

Many of our clients have approached us in recent weeks to ask us to review their Wills and, in many cases, to prepare new Wills for them. We recommend that you should review your Will periodically to make sure that it remains up to date and consistent with how you wish to leave your estate when you die and to consider whether any changes are needed. We can assist you with this and we can review your Will for you to ensure that it is tax efficient and takes account of any changes to Inheritance Tax that may have occurred since the Wills were put in place.

If you have some spare time at the moment, now may be a very good time for you to review your Will and forward a copy of this to us to review for you. If this will be of interest, then please do not hesitate to contact Graham Mitchell who will be happy to discuss reviewing your Will and our Will drafting service. In many cases, reviewing Wills and preparing Wills is undertaken in conjunction with an Inheritance Tax review and estate planing advice and we will also be happy to discuss this with you. If you haven’t made a Will before, then we can help you to put one in place.

Reviewing your Will or making a new Will will give you the peace of mind to know that everything is in place when you die. Many of our clients also take the opportunity to consider putting in place Lasting Powers of Attorney to make sure that everything is covered should they become incapacitated and need help in looking after their financial affairs or with their welfare and we will be very happy to discuss our Lasting Powers of Attorney service with you should this be of interest.